Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Class Action--Public Storage

Public Storage charges absolutely unconscionable late fees of 50% of the bill.

Further they send out their certified mail with wrongful statements in it leading the consumer to pay more than she has to.

Great situation for a good class action to return these fees, fines and penalties to the consumer.

The overcharges should be returned directly to the consumer's account and then the consumer can elect to apply the fees, fines and penalties to what is owed, or click on the link, "send me a check" or transfer to a bank account and input the routing and account number. Failing that in 6 months, the monies should be turned over to the secretary of state "cash" fund.

Contact me if you are interested in becoming a class representative for a class action on illegal fees, fines and penalties


  1. I just discovered that in spite of filing their paperwork to change addresses, and in spite of my getting mail from them at this address, they did not ever update the addresses on file on the unit, and changed the date on which late fees were charged, as well as tripling the late fee rate on one unit and quadrupling it on another.

    I think they have strayed beyond reasonable liquidated damages and would love to hear if any attorneys are considering a class action suit against them as well.

    Thanks for posting this -- I am in Texas, so your mileage may vary.

  2. I have just lost a case against Public Storage in Indiana and I am so mad that I could spit fire! I want to join this class action lawsuit. The game between Public Storage and their Public Storage Insurance Program is so blatant and I have lost personal property to the tune of $7,508.91 BECAUSE PUBLIC STORAGE HAD LEAKY ROOFS IN THE BUILDING AND DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO INFORM STORAGE SPACE RENTERS. I WAS WORKING ON THE WEST COAST, PAYING RENTAL FEES TO PUBLIC STORAGE WHILE MY PERSONAL PROPERTY WAS BEGINNING TO ROT!! Yes! Count me in a.s.a.p.

    1. I'm looking to start a class action lawsuit against Public Storage as well...although, it's not for overdraft fees or whatever this blog is about. I just ended up here. I've been with Public Storage for five years and recently went to retrieve something from my unit. I opened my storage unit door to find the grand-daddy of all cockroaches just sitting there on top of one of my boxes. And he was very much alive and kicking. I additionally found that the inch-thin styrofoam ceiling had been chewed through and pushed down. There were rat droppings EVERYWHERE and a wicker rocking chair had been torn and shredded apart for nesting material for rats...being as there was rat droppings all over that chair and thin shavings shredded off into a pile. Several boxes had holes chewed through the bottoms and many of the garbage bags that hold my clothes (ran out of boxes and suitcases to store clothes in) were also chewed through. I filed a claim with the Public Storage insurance company and just received the forms for me to fill out today. It says, "Your certificate of storage insurance provides limited coverage for damage caused by Rodents/Vermin with a limit of $250.00" Um, that will cover my chair... Who is going to pay for the bombs I'm going to need to set off to kill all of the nasty bugs? Who is going to pay for all the new boxes I am going to have to purchase to transfer anything that is even salvageable so that i don't bring cockroach and rat nests back to my house? Who is going to pay for the personal protective gear I am going to have to purchase in order to go through all of my stuff so that I don't contract some disease? Who is going to pay for me to move all of my stuff? In the meantime, I am still having to pay the outrageous bill every month...the bill that gets raised every year. I am literally paying Public Storage to ruin my stuff. I am completely outraged and furious. Public Storage has a responsibility to their tenants to provide adequate pest control. My unit does not contain any stored food, etc. as per their requirements...yet anyone can and probably does store food. If anyone is having a pest control problem (rodents, roaches, spiders, etc.) and would like to join a class action suit against them, please contact me. RaiderWellie@yahoo.com

  3. The late fee charge is ridiculous. If I knew that there would be a late fee like that then I never would have signed up for the unit. I know that the public storage santa monica can be very lenient.

  4. I am also interested in joining in on a class action. When I rented from public storage, I SPECIFICALLY asked about problems with break-ins. I was informed that they had not had any in "years". Well, guess what? I was robbed and they couldn't be less interested. On the advice of an officer who stated they were there CONSTANTLY, I looked up some info on a police related website and found over 16 break-ins the past 2 months alone. They blatantly lied to me, and now want to claim no responsibility!! These people should be put out of business!